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Intoducer's Fee

Introducers' Fee

Would YOU be Interested in Getting Paid £500 CASH just for 2 Minutes of YOUR Time?

You Can Even Earn £4,500 for 12 minutes of YOUR time (that’s £375/minute)!

We pay for property referrals, and We Want To Pay YOU.

Our Aim

We aim to assist people who need a fast sale of their property without the hassles associated with the normal property sale process.

W recognise that numerous people come across property owners prepared to take a discount on the price of their property in exchange for a Quick and Guaranteed CASH Sale.

We are independent of estate agents and charge NO FEES for our services.

Types of Properties We are Interested In

We are constantly looking to buy properties in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and West London areas. We'll consider all referrals. However we are mainly interested in 1-3 bedroom properties, which are being sold at least 15% - 20% below market value, and have a good rental return potential on them.

Don’t worry if the lead you have doesn’t fall into this category though as we have access to a large network of associated buyers who will be interested in it even if we are not. That way, you can contact us and still make money.

How Does This Work?

If you know of someone who needs to sell up fast then get in touch with us. Whether it’s just a one off purchase or the start of an ongoing relationship, we’ll be happy to compensate you for the time spent in referring successful leads.

We help people who, for whatever reason, need a fast and easy sale. We charge NO FEES for the services and we are completely independent of estate agents.

Straightforward and hassle-free, YOU won't regret introducing us.

So, if you know of someone who is:

  • In need of cash quickly
  • In a property chain that's breaking down
  • Relocating with work but can't find a buyer
  • Facing repossession
  • Getting divorced and in need of a fast sale
  • A New Home Builder looking for a part exchange scheme
  • Just wanting a stress-free process

All you have to do is get in touch with the details of your contact and we'll take it from there. It will only take you 2 minutes!

We Will Pay YOU £500 CASH

As a way of showing our appreciation for helping us to find a suitable property to purchase: Where a referral has been received that leads to the purchase of property, we will pay you £500 CASH.

But It Gets BETTER...

The amount that we pay you for referrals increases with the number of referrals that you give us and We Will Pay YOU £1,000 for the sixth successful referral. So if you make 6 referrals we'll pay YOU:

  • £500 for the first referral; and
  • £600 for the second referral; and
  • £700 for the third referral; and
  • £800 for the fourth referral; and
  • £900 for the fifth referral; and
  • £1,000 for the sixth referral.

You'll earn £4,500 for 12 minutes of your time; that’s approximately £375 a minute!

And Then YOU Are On The Fast-Track

To show you that we are committed to building a long-term relationship with YOU, We will then continue to Pay You £1,000 for each and every successful referral that you give us.

So that’s £1,000 for 2 minutes of your time; i.e. £500 a minute!!! Even the top premiership footballers don’t make that much money.

Why should YOU work with Us?

We are Honest and Reliable. We always keep our word;

We'll pay you £500 – £1,000 CASH if YOUR referral leads to the purchase of property;

We are very easy going and extremely easy to work with;

We are flexible, ethical and always look for a win-win solution in every situation;

We'll pay YOU £1,000 for your sixth referral, if YOU make 6 referrals which lead to the purchase of land or property;

We shall listen to YOU. We shall ask questions that are dedicated to understanding YOUR objectives and the needs of YOUR customers (or friends);

We are a small team, so YOU will have the benefit of our personal attention. You won't have to negotiate with any disinterested parties. You will be dealing directly with us, the people who can deliver what we promise.

Contact Us TODAY

Once you have passed on our contact details to the person you are referring to us, please Contact us with a subject of 'Referral' giving us the name, telephone number and email address of the person you have referred, together with your own contact details. Should that referral go on to complete a property purchase transaction with us, we’ll pay YOU £500 CASH on the day of completion.

We promise we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

We look forward to working with YOU!

Contact Us with your referral(s) and earn some CASH NOW. What are you waiting for?